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      Personal and Social Development
      Personal and Social Development
      Personal and Social Development
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      Career Development
      Career Development

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Grade 11  
Counseling, Approved 2006 - Renumbered 2007  
3.1    Career Development
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3.1 The student will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.
   3.1.1 The student will develop career awareness. The student knows the education, skills, and training needed to achieve career goals and prepare for the changing workplace. The student explores career options related to their interests, skills, and values. The student analyze how choices will affect their future. The student recognizes diversity in the workplace. The student recognizes the value of all occupations.
   3.1.2 The student will develop employment readiness. The student applies effective communication skills. The student demonstrates the importance of planning and goal setting. The student interacts positively with peers and adults. The student acquires employability skills necessary to obtain and maintain jobs. The student learns strategies for dealing with discrimination and sexual harassment. The student evaluates the importance of laws to protect workers from discrimination. The student demonstrates skills in describing themselves (e.g., resume, letter of introduction, job applications). The student demonstrates the skills essential for a successful job interview.

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