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      Kansas, United States, and World History

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      History, Government, Economics, and Geography, Approved 2005
      Mathematics, Approved 2003
      Reading, Approved 2003
      Science, Approved 2007
      Writing, Approved 2004
      Additional Content Areas

Grade 3  
History and Government, Economics and Geography, Approved 2005  
3    Geography
5    The student understands the effects of interactions between human and physical systems.   
2    (K) The student identifies ways in which human activities are impacted by the physical environment (e.g., types of housing, agricultural activities, fuel consumption, clothing, recreation, jobs, resource availability).
Types Resources
Lesson Plans
2 available
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The Fragile Fringe: A Guide for Teaching About the This online guide provides information, lesson plans, and additional resources for teaching students about coastal wetlands in the U.S. as an ecosystem and in terms of human-environment interaction.
Why Vote? A Public Awareness Campaign Students will learn that towns include people whose jobs contribute to the quality of community life. Students use an online activity as a springboard to discuss the importance of voting.

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