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      Kansas, United States, and World History

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      History, Government, Economics, and Geography, Approved 2005
      Mathematics, Approved 2003
      Reading, Approved 2003
      Science, Approved 2007
      Writing, Approved 2004
      Additional Content Areas

Grade 4  
History and Government, Economics and Geography, Approved 2005  
3    Geography
1    The student uses maps, graphic representations, tools, and technologies to locate, use, and present information about people, places, and environments.   
5    (K) The student locates major physical and political features of regions from memory (e.g., Appalachian Mountains, the Great Lakes, 50 States, Kansas River, Arkansas River, Atlanta, Grand Canyon, Gulf of California, Mt. McKinley, Puerto Rico, Prime Meridian, International Dateline, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, Everglades, Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, Mississippi River).
Types Resources
Lesson Plans
3 available
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50 States This site provides links to information on all 50 states.
EBooks: Time and the River by McMahon and Karama A history of the St. Croix River
Kansas Heritage Center The Kansas heritage center is a nonprofit social studies resource center operated through Unified School District 443 in Dodge City, Kansas. Our emphasis is history -- especially the history of Kansas, the Great Plains, and the Old West. We maintain a lending library of books, microfilm, and vertical file materials for Kansas institutions.
Maps and Globes Various sites for atlas and maps
Postcards From America If you teach American geography, or if you're an armchair adventurer who wants to explore America without leaving your seat cushion--then you've come to the right place. Hitch a ride in our "virtual backseat" as we travel America in our RV, "Harvey the RV," and share this exciting journey through the window of an electronic postcard.
The Fragile Fringe: A Guide for Teaching About the This online guide provides information, lesson plans, and additional resources for teaching students about coastal wetlands in the U.S. as an ecosystem and in terms of human-environment interaction.

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