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      Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
      Access Health Information, Products, and Services
      Influence of Culture, Media, and Technology
      Interpersonal Communication
      Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Skills
      Advocating for Health

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      History, Government, Economics, and Geography, Approved 2005
      Mathematics, Approved 2003
      Reading, Approved 2003
      Science, Approved 2007
      Writing, Approved 2004
      Additional Content Areas

Grade 12  
Health, Approved 2006  
6    Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Skills
1    The student will demonstrate the ability to utilize various strategies when making decisions related to health needs and risks of young adults.   
2    Proficient Indicator: The student will demonstrate effective decision-making skills.
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Has boredom set in? Studies getting you down? IT'S PARTY TIME! This two-page pamphlet from the National Crime Prevention Council is intended for distribution to college-age community members and outlines suggestions for dealing with a party where alcoholic beverages may be served. This resource encourages alcohol-free parties and stresses legal responsibilities of party hosts. (SDFSCA Approved Activity C - Dissemination of drug and violence prevention information to schools and the community.)

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From: Designed Instruction

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